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From the early age of 5 and later during my time at the musical Wolfram-von-Eschenbach-Gymnasium I mainly played the piano. Not until shortly before the Abitur did I fall in love with the classical guitar. After my first guitar lessons from Ladislav Horvath I received further lessons from Kurt Hiesl. From 2010 onward I then studied at the Nuremberg Conservatory (Hochschule für Musik Nürnberg) with Prof. Thomas Königs towards the Bachelor of Music in Guitar. After graduating in 2014, I continued my studies towards the Master in Performance in Würzburg with Prof. Jürgen Ruck to achieve the title "Master of Music" summa cum laude in 2016.

By attending one-to-one masterclasses with some of the greatest guitarists of our time like Marcin Dylla, Carlo Marchione, Antonio Escobar, Petri Kumela, Thomas Müller-Pering and Frank Bungarten I could additionally extend my artistic capability.

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Artistic activity

In my studies and beyond I had the opportunity to perform on most diverse stages trough Europe – in various casts, under various conductors and even playing various instruments: As an example, playing the Banjo in Eduard Künnekes operetta “Der Vetter aus Dingsda” was a quite special adventure. Another important experience was performing Detlev Glanert"s chamber opera “Drei Wasserspiele” at the festival “Cantiere Internazionale D’Arte” in Montepulciano including several rehearsals with the composer.

Generally I appreciate cooperating with inspiring personalities – for example with the musical dramaturgist Anja Weigmann with whom I have a love poetry program or with the luthier Roy Fankhänel with whom I designed my guitar together.

Transcriptions and own musical scores

Since my first demand on music is variety and I neither want to hear or play the same "hits of the classical guitar" again and again, nor drift away towards pop music, I’m always searching for high quality pieces you won’t hear on every CD. B doing so, I often find pieces which were originally composed for other instruments but are well-playable on the classical guitar when transcribed properly.

For these transcriptions and also for original compositions for the guitar I create free guitar sheet music. I see an added value in these scores even in original works, i.e. in pieces which were originally written for the guitar: The original sheet music is often flawed by misprints or such, which I try to correct. Furthermore, when playing the guitar, fingerings are a key issue. In many cases, original sheet music either doesn’t provide any fingerings at all or only fingerings which appear to have been written thoughtlessly. In my scores, I put a lot of effort into well thought-out and detailed fingerings which I use myself in concerts.

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Experience and achievements in teaching

Since 2009 I’ve been dedicating myself to teaching students of all ages and levels. In 2011, I started teaching at a musical institute for the first time,, where I’m still teaching today. In the meantime, I inter alia successfully prepared two students for a professional career (aptitude tests at a musical training college and a conservatory of music) and began working as an external instrumental teacher for the musical Herder-Gymnasium and as a guitar teacher for the musical institute.MusicLab