• Within what radious are you available for performances?

    Generally, there’s no limit.

  • On what does the fee depend?

    The most important factor is the time I have to put into a project. Most of this time will be spent for preperation, in addition I’ll have to take time of the trip and the actual event into consiceration.

  • Who proposes the fee?

    If you have a specific idea of the fee or a set budget, you can just tell me, so we can talk directly about if or for what effort this is realistic.
    However, if you don’t want to think about the payment so much in advance because you rather need to concentrate on your project, you can of course also just tell me what you want and request my offer.

  • Who proposes and decides what pieces will be played?

    The decision naturally rests with you.
    If you want, you can also choose the pieces: Maybe you already have a specific request, or you can have a look at my repertoire, where you’ll also find Videos for some of the pieces.
    However, in my experience, most organizers prefer me to think out a suitable program by myself. After I’ll have done that, I can present you with the pieces personally.

  • Do you need a microphone, amplification or other equipment?

    As a rule, I don’t. Even in wider rooms and at smaller open-air events, the guitar will be loud enough without electric amplification. However, if amplification is shown to be necessary, this will is to be solved very easily by a common microphone and a common speaker.


Guitar lessons

  • From what age can somebody learn to play the guitar?

    I recommend guitar lessons starting at age 5. As soon as the child can read, the guitar lessons will be more effective. Of course we can start even earlier, at least to get a feel for the guitar.

  • Up to what age can somebody learn to play the guitar?

    There’s no limit. Many adults and seniors have successfully learned to play the guitar with me, and most of them had doubts in the beginning if it would still be possible at their age. I don’t even think the general opinion that children will learn faster than adults to be true. All that counts is motivation and concentration.

  • How long does it take to learn to play the guitar?

    Of course there’s no clear answer to that question because it depends on your pace (above all how much you practice) and your goal. Furthermore, even at a great pace you can make progress through your entire life, or you can of course not make any progress at all due to a lack of practice. At a good pace I’d guess roughly:

    • 2 Months until you can play your first melodies / songs
    • 6 Months until you can play actual music for the first time
    • 3 Years until you can call yourself a musician and can make further progress on your own
  • There are so many sites in "Lessons" - are they all important?

    On this website, I tried to provide you with as much information as possible to give you the possibility to read up about everything you might want to know. This inevitably means that most of the content won’t be relevant for you specifically. Therefore, you can call or email me at any time without having read anything. We can talk directly about anything you’re interested in. In most cases, it’s best to first arrange a free trial lesson so we’ll be able to talk about the rest then.

  • At what times do the guitar lessons take place?

    That’s for you to choose. I’m currently prepairing a solution to show the free dates online – until then, please just call or email me, preferably already including your favorite time or dates. Generally, every day is currently possible, the best times are in the morning until noon and in the evening, the best days are Tuesday and Wednesday.

  • Is it possible to do the guitar lessons at the students home?

    Generally, guitar lessons at your home are possible. The extra fees depend on how long my trip takes.