Gift cards for guitar lessons

As a birthday present or just whenever you like: By gifting guitar lessons, you can give a beloved person a very special treat. Since my gift cards aren’t assigned to an amount of money but to a number of guitar lessons, and since you first had to make an effort to find the right guitar teacher, such a gift card is much more personal and sensible than a gift card from any store, instead of which you could have just gifted money.

Guitar lessons with or without a contract?

The contract offers numerous benefits to you, such as a lower price and a guaranteed weekly date. So regardless of your age and performance level, a contract will be the best choice in most cases. Also, it’s terminable at short notice, just in case something changes for you: It may be terminated with 6 weeks’ notice to the end of the quarter.

The contract

  • Weekly date which we determine together and which we can change if necessary
  • Monthly payment agreed by the contract
  • Payment by using debit entries (easiest for you) or bank transfer
  • For motivated students of all ages and progress levels

Without a contract

  • Dates upon consultation. We’ll arrange and accout some guitar lessons up front.
  • Advance payment of the arranged lessons
  • You can pay cash or by bank transfer. You’ll get a receipt including the dates written down.
  • For adult students who have time on a very irregular basis

Gift cards

  • I’ll arrange the dates with the presentee; weekly lessons are possible
  • Any number of lessons are possible
  • You can pay cash or by bank transfer. You’ll get a receipt and the gift card
  • For your friends to discover a new passion