Guitar lessons for beginners, advanced students & professionals

Learn to play tue guitar in Nuremberg - Beginner or advanced student

In my guitar lessons, the same conditions apply for beginners, advanced students and actually all students whatsoever – i. e. all offers are open for beginners and advanced students, for children, juveniles and adults equally. This is important because there naturally is a great range between plain beginners and professionally trained guitar players. As a guitar teacher, it’s my responsibility to meet every student at his individual level of progress and assist him purposefully from there. Many times it’s difficult for new students to tell me at the beginning how advanced they are, but that’s not a problem – we’ll find out at the trial lesson.

So why distinguish between beginners and advanced students?

Simple: Depending on the progress level of the students, different aspects will matter for him. The content of the guitar lessons and my way of teaching will vary:
For beginners it’s especially important (or should be imortant) that I have a pedagogical Bachelor degree and several years of experience in teaching.
For advanced students, in contrast, it should be more essential that I hold the degree of the Master of Music in Performance, that I’m an active guitar player and that I already successfully prepared two students for a professional carreer.



  • Private lessons are recommended for best results. Group lessons are possible if specifically demanded.
  • Since weekly guitar lessons are essential for successful learing, I recommend a contract. Single lessons are possible as well, but in the long run they will be more expensive and more stressful.

Advanced students

  • Private lessons are the only reasonable solution for individual training and intensive and successful working.
  • Weekly, contractually agreed guitar lessons will bring you the best results. Single lessons are possible for the first steps or for non-regular guitar lessons on a small budget.