What do guitar lessons cost?

The recommended way are contractually agreed, weekly, private guitar lessons, since this is the most productive and most convenient choice. Gift cards can comprise any number of lessons. You can leave the design of the gift cards to me or do it yourself. All information is subject to change.


With a contract: Weekly lessons

Tuition fees per month

 30 Min45 Min60 Min120 Min
Private lessons80€100€120€160€
Group of 251€64€77€
Group of 347€56€

Without a contract: Single lessons & Gift cards

Tuition fees per lesson

 30 Min45 Min60 Min90 Min
Private lessons26€33€41€50€
Group of 216€21€25€
Group of 316€19€



So high-quality guitar lessons can be inexpensive

How is that possible? It’s simple: You pay the tuition fee directly to me, and I calculated them so that they’re just a fair wage for me. The fees of private music institutes (“private music schools”), on the contrary, are not just for the teacher, but also for all expenses of the company which you will then have to pay.

On the other hand, there are private “teachers” who offer “lessons” for even less money than me. Since my prices are calculate to be just sufficient to make a living, it is evident that everybody with even smaller prices can’t be a professional, trained musician and music teacher. From what I heard from some students about their previous trial lessons, these people are mostly students or people from completely other occupational categories who are teaching in a 1-room-flat or flat share room “between the bed and the tv”. If you think you could save a few Euros by choosing such “teachers”, you will actually throw good money after bad because in the end, you will eventually get frustrated and stop playing or you’ll have to search for a real teacher and start over.