Learn to play the classical guitar in Nuremberg

The classical guitar

The guitar with nylon strings, a twice-opened headstock and a bridge with a tie block is the mother of all modern guitars. All these other types of guitars descend from her and were mostly designed for special situations like playing at high volume in a band. The classical guitar, in contrast, isn’t restricted to any specific situation but offers you the whole versatility of the original guitar. This bears many advantages:

  • Broad variety of timbres, volumes and further scopes in sound design
  • Acces to the world of classical music
  • Access to almost all genres: Beneath classic also song accompaniment, Rock, Pop etc.
  • Playing with fingers or using a plectrum (pick)
  • Easy-to-play nylon strings (much more convenient than steel strings)
  • Ergonomic sitting position is convenient, makes playing easier and is good for your back and wrist

If you or your child also want to learn to read music notation instead of always just imitating something, the classical guitar ist the only suitable solution anyway. Playing chords and tabulature of course is also possible.



60 / Mon.

  • Private lessons 30 min
  • Monathly payment
  • Der günstige Einstieg
  • Ideal für Anfänger, insbesondere Kinder



80 / Mon.

  • Private lessons 45 min
  • Monathly payment
  • Zeit für Details
  • Ambitionierte Anfänger & Fortgeschrittene


50 / Mon.

  • Group of 2 45 min
  • Monthly payment
  • Successful as a pair
  • For beginners and returners


20 / 1x

  • Private lessons 30 min
  • Payment per lesson
  • For waverers
  • Ideal as a gift card

For whom is the classical guitar the right choice?

The classical guitar is the right choice for everybody who isn’t arlready committed to another guitar. Even students who did already aim for a goal in rock or pop music in many cases will be happier when switching to the classical guitar. That’s not only because this guitar opens all further possibilities to enlarge upon any style at any time, but also because the classical guitar is easier to play from the beginning. The most severe problem of most guitar beginners is the physical strength a guitarist needs in the left hand to fret the notes. With the classical guitar, this will take much less strength than with other guitars. Besides, the classical guitar is played in an ergonomic posture that relieves the back and wrist, thus making it even easier to play.

Private or group lessons?

Basically, both are possible. However, the classical guitar is a solo instrument. This means for one thing that you don’t need any further musicians like in an ensemble, and for another thing that you’ll be playing an actual musical instrument. Therefore, through the guitar lessons, you’ll evolve to a real musician and we’ll further your musical personality. On that account, private lessons will be much more rewarding than always having to find a compromise between the different students.

Contract or single lessons?

As the classical guitar is a real solo instrument, it bears almost inexhaustable potential for guitar lessons – for beginners as well as for advanced guitarists. This starts with learning to read musical notation, continues with learning to play easy and harder pieces and then leads towards issues of musical design and many more.
To satisfy this enormous wealth of information, weekly guitar lessons are much more suitable than guitar lessons on an irregular basis. To allow me to guarantee you a constant, weekly date, a contract will be helpful. The cancelation period is only 6 weeks to the end of the quarter and the tuition fee will be significantly lower than when you would pay separately for every lesson each week.