Weekly guitar lessons in Nuremberg

Learn to play the guitar with continuous success

Weekly guitar lessons guaranteed by a contract are the recommended way of learning to play the guitar which bears several advantages for you:

  • Low prices: You’ll pay less than when you would pay every lesson separately
  • Easy payment: I can take the effort of payment out of your hands by using debit entries for the tuition fees
  • Guaranteed date: A weekly date is reserved for your guitar lessons
  • The continuity will help you learning to play the guitar

What is written in the contract?

Actually, not that much – it’s basically just about having something written down for our assurance. Most of it are your and my data, the kind of the guitar lessons and the way of payment. The picture on this site shows the entire contract every student gets – you can read it through and you’ll see there is no small print or anything like that. The major issues are:

  • The guitar lessons will take place weekly, exept for school holidays and legal holidays.
  • When either the student or the guitar teacher can’t participate for several weeks due to illness, the tuition fee will be dropped
  • The contract may be terminated with 6 weeks’ notice to the end of the quarter
  • You can pay via bank transfer or I can use debit entries



60 / Mon.

  • Private lessons 30 min
  • Inexpensive entry
  • Individual support and undivided attention
  • Ideal for beginners, especially children



80 / Mon.

  • Private lessons 45 min
  • Time for details
  • Individual support and undivided attention
  • Advanced students & ambitious beginners


37 / Mon.

  • Group of 2 30 min
  • Lowest price
  • Guitar lessons among friends
  • Beginners on a small Budget


50 / Mon.

  • Group of 2 45 min
  • Successful as a pair
  • Guitar lessons among friends
  • For Beginners and returners

For whom does signing the contract pay off?

The contract will pay off for everybody who has time on a reasonably regular basis – regardless of age and level of progress: Beginners benefit from the continuous schedule which will give them a suitable dose of new knowledge every week and which will prevent you from loosing sight of your goal when you don’t get to practice so much for a week or two. Advanced students get a weekly feedback, which is very important for realizing musical and technical nuances.

Should I take private or group lessons?

If you want to learn to play the guitar as effectively and successfully as possible, private lessons are the right choice for you. This way, you can benefit from all the advances of weekly guitar lessons because here, I as your guitar teacher will be able to react to your steady progressions. Group lessons are an alternative if you’d rather learn to play the guitar among people – maybe together with a specific friend or family member – or if you can’t afford private guitar lessons.

For what kinds of guitars are weekly guitar lessons suitable?

Since through weekly guitar lessons with a dedicated guitar teacher you’ll be able to achieve great success and make weekly progress, you can venture on the most complex type of guitar: the classical guitar. It opens the whole world of music for us and we’ll be able to discover new sounds, techniques and much more every week. Of course, you’re also welcome with your electric or acoustic guitar and we’ll be able to work successfully on that too.