Learn to play the guitar without any obligation

By offering guitar lessons without any contract, I’m granting you a special freedom that can be helpful in some situations, e.g.:

  • You want to learn to play the guitar but you don’t have time on a regular basis
  • You’re not sure yet if you really want to play the guitar
  • You want to try out my musical and educational approach a little longer after the trial lesson
  • You’d like to make somebody a present of a gift card
  • You’d like to take group lessons together with a friend and want to encourage him by presenting him a gift card

How is it organized?

If you’d like to take the guitar lessons yourself, we’ll arrange some lessons in advance (e.g. for one month). You can pay cash or via bank transfer.
If you want to present the guitar lessons to someone else as a gift card, I can either give you a completed gift card or you can design a personal gift card yourself, which will then be valid without my signature. In any case, you’ll be entitled to a recipe.



20 / 1x

  • Private lessons 30 min
  • Inexpensive entry
  • Individual support and undivided attention
  • Ideal for beginners, especially children



26 / 1x

  • Private lessons 45 min
  • Time for details
  • Individual support and undivided attention
  • Ambitious beginners & advanced students


13 / 1x

  • Group of 2 30 min
  • Lowest price
  • E.g. as a gift card for a friend & yourself
  • For beginners on a tight budget


17 / 1x

  • Group of 2 45 min
  • Successful as a pair
  • Guitar lessons among friends
  • For beginners & returners

For whom might single lessons be sensible?

Since only a contract allows me to reservate a continuous weekly date for you and you’ll also pay less this way, single lessons should be a temporary solution. Apart from that, single lessons are of course equally suitable for beginners and advanced students, for children, juveniles and adults. Therefore, when you’re giving somebody a gift card, you can be sure that you’ll make somebody happy.

Learn to play the guitar alone or in a group?

While I’m generally always advocating for private lessons, there is one great opportunity of group lessons when combined with a gift card: You can give a friend or a family member a special treat by purchasing a gift card for two persons and then learn to play the guitar together. Thereby, you’ll be giving your friend fun, education and time with you – and apropos of nothing you’ll be learning to play the guitar yourself, too.
However, if you want to learn to play the guitar yourself, I recommend private lessons in any case, since only in private lessons I’ll be able to follow your specific wishes and react to your strengths and weaknesses.

What types of guitars can I learn to play in single lessons?

You can learn to play all common types of guitars: The lassical guitar, the acoustic guitar or the electric guitar. I recommend the classical guitar since it offers us the most possibilities and since it is the most convenient to play. When just talking about a “guitar”, in most cases, the classical guitar is meant. If you’re not yet looking through the guitar jungle, I’ll be happy to help – and don’t worry, you wouldn’t be the only one who got confused. For the trial lesson or some lessons of a gift card, I have all kinds of guitars in my teaching room, so you won’t have to buy one in advance.