Gitarre lernen in Nürnberg - Fortgeschrittene

What makes a good advanced guitar teacher for?

After some years of learning to play the guitar, the focus will change and you as a student will place different demands on the guitar teacher. Many students tell me that they couldn’t learn any more from their previous teacher or that they had even outrun them in terms of playing the guitar. Taking into consideration the number of people who call themselves “guitar teacher” (no matter if entitled or not), this is nothing to be surprised about.
Therefore, it’s all the better that you want to take further guitar lessons. You should demand high standards:

  • A professionally trained guitar teacher who proved his skills at a Conservatory of Music (in my case: Master of Music at the Hochschule (Conservatory) für Musik Würzburg and previously Bachelor of Music at the Hochschule (Conservatory) für Musik Nuremberg)
  • A guitar teacher who is also performing as a guitarist (in my case: International concerts)
  • A guitar teacher who isn’t restricted to his “guitar technique world” but who also teaches advanced mucial issues (which is often neglected by guitarists)
  • A guitar teacher who is technically and musically far ahead of you


32 / 1x

  • Private lessons 60 min
  • Payment per lesson
  • Without anyObligation
  • For ambitious advanced Students



80 / Mon.

  • Private lessons 45 min
  • Monthly payment
  • For continuous progress
  • Lowest priced expedient solution


95 / Mon.

  • Private lessons 60 min
  • Monthly payment
  • Time for working on details
  • For ambitious advanced Students


130 / Mon.

  • Private lessons 90 min
  • Monthly payment
  • Study preparation and more
  • For far advanced guitarists

Should I take private or group lessons?

For advanced students, private lessons are the only reasonable solution. Every lesson will be intense working on your abilities, strengths and weaknesses. Your musical personality will also evolve, which would naturally be impossible in group lessons.

What kinds of guitars can I learn?

Advanced skills naturally can’t only be achieved when playing the classical guitar, but also with the acoustic or electric guitar. That’s why I offer advanced guitar lessons for all these instruments. However, without any doubt, the classical guitar offers the greatest possibilities for advanced playing – here you can work out the most beautiful details you may not even have thought about before. Many people also change from the electric or acoustic guitar to the classical guitar when they have reached a certain level of progress. I’m always happy to help with that.

Single or weekly lessons?

I generally recommend the contract because it will cost you less than when you pay separately for every lesson and because then you’ll have a guaranteed weekly date reserved for you. The contract can be terminated with six weeks’ notice to the end of the quarter and if you wish, I can use debit entries for the payment, so you won’t have to worry about that at all. If your schedule doesn’t allow a weekly date, single lessons are possible too. In this case, we’ll best always arrange some guitar lessons in advance and you’ll get a recipe, so maybe you’ll even be able to set the guitar lessons off against tax liability.