Gitarre lernen in Nürnberg - Anfänger

Learning to play the guitar made easy

The guitar is one of the most versatile instruments – not only because there are many different types like the classical guitar and the electric guitar, but also because the classical guitar alone offers countless possibilities you won’t find in any other instrument.
This makes it all the more important to learn to play this instrument guided from the beginning by a qualified guitar teacher. My qualification shows through the titles Bachelor of Music an Master of Music as well as trough my earlier and ongoing activities in teaching and performing.

Which guitar teacher is the right one?

For beginners, the pedagogic education of the guitar teacher is especially important. In my case, this was part of my Bachelor study and additionally I’m gaining experience in teaching students of all ages and performance levels for six years now. There are great benefits for you when choosing me as your guitar teacher:

  • Profound knowledge directly from an active guitarist
  • Support regarding all questions around the guitar (buying, strings etc.)
  • Direct contact to arrange everything in advance and get continuous support
  • Fair prices, broad offerings, short or no contract periods



60 / Mon.

  • Private lessons 30 min
  • Inexpensive entry
  • Individual support and undivided attention
  • Ideal for beginners, especially children



80 / Mon.

  • Private lessons 45 min
  • Time for details
  • Individual support and undivided attention
  • For ambitious beginners


37 / Mon.

  • Group of 2 30 min
  • Lowest price
  • Guitar lessons among friends
  • If you’re on a tight Budget


50 / Mon.

  • Group of 2 45 min
  • Successful as a pair
  • Guitar lessons among friends
  • For Beginners and returners

Private guitar lessons or group guitar lessons?

I generally recommend private lessons as the most effective and expedient way of learning to play the guitar: Here you get the undivided attention of the guitar teacher and learn to play the guitar according to your wishes and at your speed.
However, for beginners, group lessons can sometimes also be rational: Either if you specifically want to learn to play the guitar together with a friend or family member or if private lessons are a financial problem for you. The group will work best when you choose your partner(s) yourself from your friends or family. Apart from that, you can also pre-register without any obligation and I’ll try to find a suitable partner for you.

What kind of guitar suits best for the beginning?

As a rule, the classical guitar is the best choice – and that’s not only for the beginning. It’s the “original” guitar which offers us the most possibilities and can be played the easiest. We can play it using music scores, tabulature (tabs) or just simple chords. Learning to read music scores is part of profoundly learning to play an instrument and chords are just fun to play. Of course, you can also start with electric or acoustic guitar if you already own such a guitar or if you already have set yourself a goal. Just keep in mind that we’ll then be restricted to this genre and that the metal strings of the electric and especially acoustic guitar are harder to play.

Should I choose a contract or single lessons?

A regular basis for guitar lessons is especially important for beginners. To allow us both to save a constant weekly date, a contract is very helpful. It will also be much cheaper for you and the cancelation period is just six weeks to the end of the quarter. In case you have a very irregular schedule or want to purchase a gift card, of course, single lessons are possible.