Learn to play the acoustic or electric guitar in Nuremberg

Versatile guitar lessons in Nuremberg

Although I generally recommend the classical guitar, I do understand the enthusiasm for the acoustic guitar and the electric guitar.
The acoustic guitar and the electric guitar are two entirely different musical instruments. I just subsume them here because they have some common features which distinguish them from the classical guitar:

  • Stings made of metal (steel strings), therefore more brilliant sound and focus on playing with a plectrum
  • Playing from chords or tabulature, rarely from classical music notation
  • Designed for pop music, rock music, metal etc.

The main difference between the acoustic guitar and the electric guitar is that the acoustic guitar has a sound body while the electric guitar has a solid body and pickups instead. Thus, it’s played through an amplifier which makes it more suitable for louder and harder music.



60 / Mon.

  • Private lessons 30 min
  • Monathly payment
  • Der günstige Einstieg
  • Ideal für Anfänger, insbesondere Kinder



80 / Mon.

  • Private lessons 45 min
  • Monathly payment
  • Zeit für Details
  • Ambitionierte Anfänger & Fortgeschrittene


50 / Mon.

  • Group of 2 45 min
  • Monthly payment
  • Successful as a pair
  • For beginners and returners


20 / 1x

  • Private lessons 30 min
  • Payment per lesson
  • For waverers
  • Ideal as a gift card

For whom is the acoustic or electric guitar the suitable guitar?

The acoustic or electric guitar is the right choice for everybody who has set themselves a goal that can only be achieved with an acoustic or electric guitar. In a personal conversation we can talk about what might be the best way for you. If you already own a acoustic or electric guitar, you can first try it for a while to see how it works for you. If you then see that it’s not the right instrument for you, switching to the classical guitar will surely pay off. If you don’t have any guitar by now and are not yet commited to any style, I recommend to start with learning to play the classical guitar.

Is learning to play the guitar easier alone or in a group?

In private lessons, you will learn to play the guitar more easily and according to your personal demands. While Group lessons generally have the sole advantage of a lower price per person, it has one more advantage specifically when it comes to rock and pop music: We’ll have the chance to see the group as a small band. PIeces for the electric guitar usually originally include two electric guitars, i. e. mostly rhythm guitar and lead guitar. An acoustic guitar can also be used to accompany an electric guitar. I private lessons I would take the part of the second guitar.

What’s the best choice: A contract or single lessons?

As a rule, the contract is the lowest-priced, easiest and most effective way:

  • Lower price than when paying weekly lessons separately
  • Guaranteed weekly date
  • A continuous procedure will benefit successfully learning to play the guitar