Guitar lessons in Nuremberg


Learn to play the guitar – with great advantages:

Direct contact to the guitar teacher

No company or office between us to complicate communication and rise prices

Guitar lessons by a professionally qualified guitar teacher

Master of Music after twelve semesters of study at the conservatories in Nuremberg and Würzburg

Guitar lessons by an active guitarist

International concert experience, ongoing concert activity, networking with other musicians

Low Prices

Best value for money due to the direct way of payment


Flexible guitar lessons


Gift cards and single lessons

Guitar lessons as a great gift or for yourself, if you don’t have time on a regular basis

Beginners and advanced students

Everybody’s welcome – from the absolute beginner to conservatory applicants

Private lessons and group lessons

Get individual training or learn to play the guitar together with old or new friends

All styles

Aside from classical guitar, you can also learn to play the acoustic guitar (steelstring) or electric guitar


Arrange a free trial lesson or buy a gift card, sort out every possible question with me.

Learn more

Private lessons or group lessons? Beginner or advanced student? Electric or classical guitar?


Guitar lessons can be low priced and flexible. See all prices for guitar lessons here.


Guitar lessons in all variations

Custom guitar lessons in Nuremberg




When is the right time to start playing guitar? Right now – because just now you informed yourself about learning to play the guitar, which means now you’re motivated, and that’s the most important thing when learning to play the guitar. It doesn’t matter if you’re searching for a guitar teacher for yourself or for your child – you can learn to play the guitar at every age. I’ll assist you with every question you may have – for example about buying a guitar, about a guitar you already have or the different types of guitars in general.


Advanced students

You’ve already been playing guitar for a while, maybe even took guitar lessons, and now want to get proficient? Or did you take guitar lessons some time ago and now want to catch up? Or do you have a different musical history? In every case it’s good that you’re now informing yourself and found my homepage. Advanced students come to me because of various reason – no matter if it’s just refreshing old knowledge or special training for a professional career. I’m always happy to help.



Private lessons

Guitar lessons without compromises. In private lessons you proceed at your own speed, at your favorite time and towards your own ideas and goals. This way we can individually boost your strengths and work on possible deficiencies. Private lessons are the recommended way for all students no matter what age and performance level and the only reasonable way for advanced students. For just 60€ per month you get 30 minutes of private lessons from a professional guitarist every week.


Group lessons

Group lessons are the right choice for everybody who either specifically wants to learn to play the guitar together with a friend or family member or when private lessons are difficult to pay for. Generally, private lessons are more effective, but group lessons with friends can be more motivating. You can even encourage each other – for example by making friends (and yourself) a present of a gift card for the first month or so. If you want, you can then always switch to private lessons.



Classical guitar

Spanish guitar, nylon-string-guitar, classical guitar or just “guitar” – there are many names for one instrument. Many people get confused by the variety of different guitars and the names for them. I’d like te help you with that, so together we’ll find out which kind of guitar you want to learn or which kind of guitar you may already have at home. In most cases, the classical guitar is the first choice: It is the most versatile, easiest-playable and original form of the guitar.


Electric & acoustic guitar

Singer-Songwriter-Style, Blues, Rock or even Metal: It’s great how many possibilities the guitar gives us. When playing the classical guitar, you’re most versatile and you can go in every musical direction. However, if you already know what you want and maybe even have set yourself a goal, you can of course start directly with the according type of guitar. This begins with the purchase of the right guitar and an educational plan which I would be happy create for you.




No perpetual calculating, paying and searching for dates: Weekly, contractually-guaranteed guitar lessons is the most convenient way for both of us, especially for you. You get a stable weekly date reserved for you. Since I can use debit entries, you don’t have to worry about the payment. Of course you can also transfer the tuition fee yourself. The contract may be terminated with 6 weeks’ notice to the end of the quarter. In terms of money, the contract is always more favorable than paying single lessons every week.


Single lessons & gift cards

Just take a few lessons and see how it goes? Give a beloved person a special treat with a gift card for guitar lessons? Give somebody a reason to finally learn to play the guitar? – In all these cases, single lessons or a gift card are a great idea. You can also give a gift card to yourself and somebody else to learn to play the guitar together. We can talk about the dates before or after the payment, even unusual times – e.g. on the weekend – are possible.


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