Why use exactly these scores?

Today, massive amounts of guitar sheet music are available – partly due to the easy spreading on the internet, partly because many pieces are no longer protected by copyright. My scores can also only be published because of these two facts.
At the same time, the quality of the sheet music – no matter if online or offline, professional publisher or amateur musician – is frequently deficient: Especially wrong or missing notes or other content, poor or false fingerings and confusing layout deprive me of the joy of playing the guitar.
That’s why at some point I began writing my own sheet music. First, it was only for myself. Then, when I realized how much easier it was to play from those scores, I started designing them for other guitarists, too. In my guitar sheed music, I put great importance to:

Transcriptions for the classical guitar

Since the classical guitar is such a versatile instrument which joins the musical possibilities of different other instruments in one instrument, It’s a great opportunity to take pieces which were originally composed for other instruments and transcribe them for the guitar. When doing that, I find it very important to not just take any pieces I like and play them on the guitar somehow, (because I can’t play it on the original instrument) but to specifically choose pieces that can benefit musically by being transcribed for the guitar properly and being performed by a good guitarist. I especially put high value on:

Recommendations for sheet music

If you want to play a piece that’s not too difficult and that hasn’t been played on the guitar by many people before you, I suggest my transcription of Domenico Scarlatti’s Sonata in A Major, K 208 or Robert Schumann’s In the wonderful month of May.
A much-loved and also not very hard-to-play piece is Fernando Sor’s “Op. 43 Mes Ennuis / Six Bagatelles“. And then, there’s of course Francisco Tarrega’s Recuerdos de la Alhambra.

New guitar scores

Since I’m extending my repertoire continually and therefore am creating new guitar sheet music for myself and the public at the same time, I’ll soon be able to publish new scores here.

All guitar scores

You can sort the table by composer, epoch, title, degree of difficulty or the availability of a video by clicking on the according headline or filter the table by typing a term into the search bar.

Anonymus1800-1850 (Romanticism)Spanische Romanze04:00Very easy
Bach, J. S.1685-1750 (Baroque)BWV 1003 Sonate II für Violine23:00Hard
Bach, J. S.1685-1750 (Baroque)BWV 1000 Fuge a-Moll (orig. g-Moll)05:00Hard
Bach, J. S.1685-1750 (Baroque)BWV 999 Präludium d-Moll (orig. c-Moll)02:10Very easy
Kellner, David1670-1738 (Baroque)Phantasia in a-Moll03:00Advanced
Kellner, David1670-1738 (Baroque)Phantasia in A-Dur03:30Advanced
Llobet, Miguel1878-1938 (Modernism)Variaciones sobre un tema de Fernando Sor (Op. 15)08:00Very hard
Llobet, Miguel1878-1938 (Modernism)Canciones Populares Catalanas - El testament d'Amèlia02:00Easy
Llobet, Miguel1878-1938 (Modernism)Canciones Populares Catalanas - El noi de la mare01:30Easy
Mertz, J. K.1806-1856 (Romanticism)Elegie09:00Hard
Scarlatti, Domenico1685-1757 (Baroque)K 322, Sonate in A-Dur03:40Hard
Scarlatti, Domenico1685-1757 (Baroque)K 208, Sonate in A-Dur04:50Easy
Schumann, Robert1810-1856 (Romanticism)Im wunderschönen Monat Mai01:30Easy
Sor, Fernando1778-1839 (Romanticism)Op. 59. Fantaisie élégiaque17:00Advanced
Sor, Fernando1778-1839 (Romanticism)Op. 43 Mes Ennuis / Six Bagatelles20:00Advanced
Sor, Fernando1778-1839 (Romanticism)Op. 43 Mes Ennuis / Six Bagatelles, N° 602:20Advanced
Sor, Fernando1778-1839 (Romanticism)Op. 43 Mes Ennuis / Six Bagatelles, N° 504:40Advanced
Sor, Fernando1778-1839 (Romanticism)Op. 43 Mes Ennuis / Six Bagatelles, N° 402:20Advanced
Sor, Fernando1778-1839 (Romanticism)Op. 43 Mes Ennuis / Six Bagatelles, N° 305:00Advanced
Sor, Fernando1778-1839 (Romanticism)Op. 43 Mes Ennuis / Six Bagatelles, N° 202:00Advanced
Sor, Fernando1778-1839 (Romanticism)Op. 43 Mes Ennuis / Six Bagatelles, N° 103:40Easy
Sor, Fernando1778-1839 (Romanticism)Op. 35 No. 22, Allegretto02:00Easy
Sor, Fernando1778-1839 (Romanticism)Op. 35 No. 17, Moderato01:10Easy
Tárrega, Francisco1852-1909 (Modernism)Recuerdos de la Alhambra05:40Advanced
Tárrega, Francisco1852-1909 (Modernism)Maria (gavota)01:30Advanced
Tárrega, Francisco1852-1909 (Modernism)Lágrima01:50Very easy
Tárrega, Francisco1852-1909 (Modernism)Adelita (Mazurka)01:30Very easy
Urcullu, Leopoldo de1800-1850 (ca.) (Romanticism)La Amistad (Introducion et Polacca)14:00Hard