Why choose classical guitar music?

A musical concept which was designed especially for your event makes the difference between an event that did “go just well” and an event that will live on as a pleasant memory for everybody who was a part of it. The classical guitar is a very suitable instrument to achieve this goal:

  • Flexibility: In contrast to other solo instruments like the piano, the classical guitar is very small and can be placed anywhere. The guitarist can even change it’s location during an event. In contrast to orchestra instruments, the guitarist can’t only play together with other musicians but also alone.
  • Repertoire: The range of the music that can be played on the classical guitar is enormous – therefore, it’s easy to find the suitable music for every wish of the organizator. The biggest part of the guitar repertoire is romantic music – and that’s just the kind of music that is requested for the most events.
  • Volume: The classical guitar can be played in a great range of dynamics, so the guitarist can adjust to the situation. A classical guitar without electrical amplification has the perfect volume for a musical interlude in a medium-sized hall, while also not beingt too loud in smaller rooms, which could be problematic for a violin or a piano. In bigger rooms and even outside, a modernly built classical guitar played by a trained guitarist won’t have any difficulties to prevail.
  • Suitability for ensembles: If you want to hear music from multiple instruments or maybe even have a specific wish for an snsemble, that’s great: The guitar blends in perfectly in all kinds of casts and can even replace other instruments without any problems in many cases. The combination of the guitar and a singer is requested particularly frequently, and this duo indeed works really well.
Classical guitarist for events 1
Classical guitarist for events 2

Why choose me?

  • Education: To get the title “Master of Music in Performance”, a guitarist has to perform an entire concert program for a jury at the end of his studies. For you as an organizator, that’s the assurance that the guitarist doesn’t get stage fright or something like that in the defining moment.
  • Your desired music: If you’d like to hear a spedific piece (often with a singer), I can arrange this at short notice.
  • Repertoire: I try to collect the whole variety of the classical guitar music in my repertoire. From the Renaissance to the present, from melancholic to joyful, from serious to emotional music – The compositions open up the possibilities, the guitarist realizes them. I can suggest pieces I find suitable or you can choose them yourself.
  • Experience: In spite of my young career as a guitarist, I have already played many times at wedding ceremonies, vernissages, baptisms, political events (receptions etc.) and other events and thereby have gained important insights e.g. about what is well received.

Your guitarist for any eventuality


Mostly requested for the musical framing of the marriage ceremony, e.g. one piece when the bride enters, another piece after switching rings, another piece at the recessional. Works also outside. Music for coffee, reception etc. also possible. Music as requested, mostly romantic guitar music or in a duo with a singer.


The guitarist can take two important functions at a baptism to replace the organist: 1. accompaniment of the baptism songs (instead of the organ). 2. Playing guitar pieces e.g. at the beginning to attune the guests, at a certain point during the ceremony and at the end. If you want to, you can choose the pieces yourself.

Classical guitarist for events 3


For vernissages, mostly background music is requested. Since this usually implements a musical program longer than an hour, it’s naturally difficult for the organizator to audit or even choose every single piece. So due to my experience in playing at vernissages, I already prepared suitable programs.

Classical guitarist for events 4


Panel discussions, political receptions, galas, honors and many more occasions – all these events gain character and aesthetic through guitar music. One piece at the beginning, one at the end and maybe one or two in between are a successful framing. I’m open for your concept.

Classical guitarist for events 5


Due to it’s flexibility and the versatile music styles, the classical guitar is suitable for all kinds of festivities: Work parties, christmas parties, birthday parties, church-related festivities, anniversaries etc. are brightened up by guitar music – as a musical interlude, as background music or both. Just tell me your idea.

Other events

The classical guitar can be used so variably for events that I can’t even list all possibilities here. Generally note: No matter what you’ve planned – with music, it will get more beautiful, with guitar music even much more beautiful. I’m encouraged to claim this by the feedback I got after the events at which I’ve played by now.