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with carefully selected guitar music


The classical guitar is an underestimated solo instrument with a great repertoire written by famous composers. A modern classical guitar easily produces enough sound for a concert hall. You can book a ready concert program or select pieces from my repertoire.


Other events

Vernissages, official (e.g. political) events, christmas celebrations, weddings, baptisms or something different – in my broad repertoire we’ll surely find the suitable music for your event to create an experience which will live on as a positive momory for your guests.


Media center

Here you’ll find a sortable list of my repertoire, my own guitar sheet music to download for free and videos which were partly recorded in my music room and partly recorded live or at other occasions. Explore the variety of the classical guitar which can also be interesting for non-guitarists.


The classical guitar

An underestimated instrument

What comes to your mind to the word “guitar”? A song from the radio or maybe a child of a friend who recently started lerning to play the guitar? The guitar is more than that: It’s a classical instrument for solo, chamber and even orchestra music with a rich history and a great repertoire which was created by famous composers. In it’s modern form, it’s a sophisticated instrument which – when played in the right way – reaches enough volume for a concert hall with ease.
It also gives the guitar player unique possibilities: In comparison to the piano (and other solo instruments), the guitar offers much more diverse musical effects (e.g. Glissando, Vibrato, timbres). In comparison to typical orchestra instruments like the violin it offers more extensive possibilities regarding polyphony (up to six voices playable simultaneously).
Yet, the classical guitar still doesn’t get much recognition as a serious musical instrument, especially from concert managers – and I can’t blame them: Many guitar players confine themselfes to a mediocre chliché-repertoire which they performe “just nice” – and nobody really wants to make the effort to go to a concert for that. Many people don’t even know the difference between the classical guitar and the acoustic or electric guitar. Therefore, my goal is to show the people guitar music of great quality and individuality to get the classical guitar the recognition it deserves.